New Age Skill to KuberWealth
haresh Kumar 5 19 May

Where are we at..

Trading is a Journey, Profession & A high paying profession that rewards you well and punishes you if you make a mistake. It begins with  good homework, focussed learning, community interactions and most importantly disposable capital. 

To make trading a profession by any one who has sufficient capital to buy and sell one lot or many in banknifty or nifty, options trading specifically. One needs to be familiar with technical analysis, fundamental analysis, types of indicators, tools of the trade, Instrument, Time value, face value and current market price, simply put premium value. 

Ofcourse Technology has progressed so ahead that we now have Algo trades or High Frequency Trades taking the profit to its users. They are fast, can be tweaked a zillion ways and have no emotions! perfect ingredients to a ruthless business need. Trading has been spread across institutional players such as FII's( Foreign Institutional Investments) & DII's (Domestic Institutional Investments) who deployed wealth managers, experienced trades as Hedgefund Managers who trade for their respective instituions. They comes the hierarchy of Retail Trades, some  with big captial who have their own set up and manage their own funds to hedge followed by lower retail trades who make a small amount of profits to skill up and scale up in the long run.

Derivatives Trading in india has grown manifolds in recent times and with the introduction to weekly expiries the big players are making money look easy.. the Big Fish eats the small fish in the food chain..The monthly notional value of derivatives traded on Indian exchanges exploded to an eye-popping 8,737 trillion rupees ($104.65 trillion) in March 2024, more than double that of a year earlier, data from the regulator shows. Despite derivative products available for 193 individual stocks, index options like Nifty and Bank Nifty reign supreme and account for 98% of total derivatives volume.

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