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Derivative trading in India has grown manifolds in recent times and with the introduction to weekly expiries,They have a large role to play in the spectacular rise of derivative market. Today, Equity derivatives account for a staggering 99.6% of Indian stock market volumes, totaling over $4.3 trillion per day that roughly transalates into 125% of the underlying companies. Of the over 5000 companies listed in india, derivatives contracts are available for 193 stocks and indices. despite derivative products available for 193 individual stocks, index options like Nifty and BankNiftyreign supreme and account for 98% of total derivative volumes.

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KuberTrades is a Personalized Learning Platform for Aspirants who want to learn Trading in the Indian Stock Markets like NSE- National Stock Exchange and BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange. We focus on teaching Futures & Options of the Derivatives Market to either make a profession or as a secondary profession. We believe Time is Money.

We Empower Resources who want to step into the world of Trading, Helping handhold the little steps to make money through analysis, farsight, risk assesment and money management. Our Training approach offers insights in taking the leap of faith to begin the Kuber Flow of Abundance by brining personalised one on one learning at different skill levels to enhance knowledge of Trading, Avoid Traps and losses and ovecome FOMO

A Team of seasoned Traders, Analysts, Wealth Managers & Money Monks with more than a decade of Experience in the Stock Market, teaching trading as a new age profession.
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